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"Hi Karl,

In the past 3 years, during the development of CNS2.0 for SVW, we successfully completed all HMI requirements on time and on quality. Still remember that at the beginning, we knew nothing about how to develop MIB2 HMI. It was under your team's patient explanation and support, we set up the whole processes and our own skinning team. In the following project execution, we were impressed with the close relationship between your team and our engineers. This helped us quickly solve any technical issues and minimized the gap between us even though we are located at different sites. And I really appreciate that we can always get correct estimation of tasks and your on-time delivery, which makes more confident when facing challenges. At last, thank you for your understanding and your team's continuous supporting even when several times we didn't provide PO on time. We are glad to work with you and your team. And hope we can still work together in the future.

Thanks a lot
Xiaowei Li"

"Dear Soft Project Team members,

As you all know SOP1 vehicle is already launched in the Market. Some of the screenshots are attached (Skoda and VW). I have thought about sending an acknowledgement letter officially for a long time. But this opportunity was always taken by someone else ahead of me, like the certification of Carplay for our project. It is a very important achievement for our project without question. But I think it is still not late to send this one. Recently our TCI colleagues received certificates for making SVW2.0 SOP1. Although I have no certificates to send to you guys, I still want to express acknowledgment to you by this letter. For this project, I still clearly remember that at the beginning a lot of people said it is impossible to finish so much change in that short time, but we made it. So thanks to Karl for your leadership with an excellent team. Many thanks to Mirza for your dedication from the very beginning of this project. I still clearly remember how you help us to setup the SVW2.0 HMI development processes and training to TCI team. You and Karl are the pioneers of this project. Many thanks to Siva for your management and cooperation with other suppliers after we entered bug resolving phase(IAV, Krian Software & David). Especially thank you for your contribution for Carplay certification. Many thanks to Karthi and Pichu for your support to our team members. We got too many explanation, estimation and other support from you.
Very glad to work with you together to achieve SOP1 for SVW2.0 project. I believe we can make it better for following SOP2 and SOP3.

Best Regards from
Xiaowei Li"